The website (the version of prior to November 2010) provided a website for each ward and stake, including calendars, directories, news, and lesson schedules. There is still a link to these sites on the home page of (see “Ward and Stake Websites (Classic)” in the left column under Quick Links) or you can go directly to them at or

If you haven’t yet migrated off these old stake and ward websites, now is the time. Everything you need is on the new and the old stake and ward websites will be deleted later this year.

Everything you need is available from the Tools menu anywhere on Here’s a brief description of each of the main options on the Tools menu on

  • Calendar. The calendar for your ward and stake, showing events, meetings, and other activities. More information about calendars.
  • Directory. A directory of members and leaders in your ward and stake, showing addresses and contact information. More information about directories.
  • Maps. Shows meetinghouses, temples, and other Church facility locations, including addresses and contact information. More information about maps.
  • My Study Notebook. A personal, private space on for you to view highlights and notes that you added to content you read on More information about My Study Notebook.
  • Clerk Resources. A portal for clerks that includes many features previously only available in MLS, such as statistical reports. You won’t see this option unless you are a clerk and you are signed in with your LDS Account. More information about clerk resources.
  • Leader Resources. A portal for leaders, such as bishops and stake presidents, that includes tools to make their responsibilities easier. You won’t see this option unless you are a leader in the bishopric or stake presidency and you are signed in with your LDS Account. More information about leader resources.
  • Lesson Schedules. A schedule for classes you attend, such as Sunday School or Young Men, showing when lessons are scheduled and links to lesson material. More information about lesson schedules.
  • Newsletter. A blog-like site for ward and stake leaders to provide news and other updates to members. The Newsletter is not yet on the Tools menu because it is still in beta. However, you can access Newsletter by going to

New functions and enhancements are being made to these tools all the time. The Clerk Resources and Leader Resources will continue to evolve until all the functions currently in the ward and stake MLS software are available online.

Two more tools are on the road map:

  • Home and Visiting Teaching: Where leaders can enter reports about monthly visits.
  • Member Resources:  A customized dashboard view for you and your family of the calendar, lesson schedules, newsletter, and other applications so you can see all pertinent information in one condensed spot, with links to click for more detail.
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