Paul Goat Allen, over at Explorations: The Barnes & Noble SciFi and Fantasy Blog, reviewed several anthologies, including The Nebula Awards Showcase 2012. Here’s a key quote:

Contained within is an impressively diverse collection including the Nebula Award-winning novelette “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” by Eric James Stone, a deeply thought-provoking story about a Mormon congregational leader living in a station located at the heart of the sun whose flock includes solcetaceans, beings made of plasma that can grow to gigantic proportions. Faced with a moral conundrum involving one of the aliens, the man seeks out Leviathan, a virtually immortal being who claims to be “the original lifeform in the universe.” The dialogue that follows will enlighten both beings…

(Well, it’s a key quote for me. Others may find different quotes to be more keyful.)

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