Not long ago I was engaged in the mindless male ritual of channel surfing. Occasionally I stop at Jay Leno, although most of the time I am offended by how he resorts to the lowest common denominator, namely kinky sexuality, to get a laugh out of his audience. Oh how I long for the clean humor of Johnny Carson.

When I stopped at Leno, he asked his guest, Ron Paul, about gay marriage. Leno emphatically asked, “What is wrong with these people marrying?! (audience applause). Their decision to get married has absolutely no impact on me. Why don’t we just let them marry?”  Ron Paul wisely steered clear of that moral issue.  Seeing that he was outnumbered by Leno and his liberal audience, he simply replied that the constitution does not protect the rights of gay people to marry.

Click! I continued my ritual and changed to another channel.

Actually, Leno brings up a good point. What is wrong with letting gays marry, especially if it has no impact on me and my family? Why should I be concerned about two lesbians getting married in Oregon or California? Actually, I couldn’t care less about what two married lesbians in California are doing.  What I care about is the effect that normalization of homosexuality is having on our society.  

To those who think that societal acceptance of gay marriage has no impact on me and my family, you’re wrong.  Widespread acceptance of gay marriage affects all of us.  In fact, acceptance of any sinful action affects all of us.  For example, our society is increasingly accepting fornication, pornography, and drug use.  Increased acceptance of sin is weakening the moral fabric of society and ripening our civilization for destruction. 

I am sympathetic toward the struggles of good gay people who claim that they’ve always had same sex attractions, especially those who are faithful members of the church.  But I am not sympathetic toward the wave of “gayness” that is sweeping the world, trying to convince us that being an active homosexual or bisexual is a cool thing.  It is in the schools, on TV, in the movies, and in literature.  It is even in hockey! Yes, folks. That manly professional sport of hard hitting and fast skating action – NHL hockey.

In my home country of Canada, where gay marriage is legal thanks to a former conservative turncoat member of parliament, a lesbian proposal took place on the ice at halftime.  You can view the CNN video at

I really don’t care about what the two women on the ice do in the privacy of their own home, and it is none of my business. What I am concerned about is how the hockey crowd stood and cheered them on.  Clearly homosexual relationships are well on their way to being normalized in Canada, and several US states.  For society to willingly accept and cheer homosexual relationships is mockery before God.  The Creator has said that homosexual marriages are wrong, yet so many people accept and encourage them. 

It is one thing for two people to engage in sexual sin; for them there is repentance and forgiveness.  It is quite another thing for society to increasingly encourage and embrace sexual sin; this is what is hastening society’s moral decline and eventual destruction from a displeased God whose sexuality laws have been callously cast aside.

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