I was noticing with the outpouring of discontent with SOPA and PIPA legislation regarding the internet, that no one wants the government involved. Everyone wants to be a libertarian when it comes to the internet.... mmm, then why not other parts of the government? Why is the internet so much better without the government involved, and why wouldn't this same mentality not move congruently to things like health care?

Some might argue that the internet is a form of expression... so is your health care. Here's how:

If I want to treat my body in such a way to only use holistic, far eastern, or even experimental treatments, that is my right as it is my body. Additionally, this same pattern of thought goes to an economic expression as holistic treatments are often less expensive or don't involve prescription drugs. It is my right to spend my money as I please when it comes to health care. If I want to follow a religious based philosophy as is practiced by the Church of Scientology... both a first amendment issue.

If life is so much greater without the government involved in the internet, why do we want the government involved in every outlet and part of the health care system, but not the internet. I am open to arguments showing how these two don't apply to each other.
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