I do not have my own entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.  However, I was very pleased to find this bit in the entry on Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show:

But Card’s work does not dominate the magazine. If anything, the tone for the magazine – where the contents are pretty much evenly distributed along the sf/fantasy spectrum – has been set by the work of two other writers. Card has been fortunate in publishing a number of stories by Peter S BEAGLE, some of which are sf, such as “Trinity County, CA” (August/September 2010 #18) which depicts an alternate California where there is a need to get dragons under control. Of particular interest are the stories by Eric James Stone, whose contributions have helped cement his reputation as one of the most interesting new writers of the decade: examples include his fantasy of temptation “Salt of Judas” (March 2006 #2) and the ingenious melding of science and magic in “The Robot Sorcerer” (December 2008 #10). [Emphasis added.]

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