The following is from the article “Viewing General Conference After the Broadcast” from the Meetinghouse Technology Newsletter:

Many members will want to incorporate the recent general conference materials into their lessons, or view conference sessions for personal study. There are a few easy ways for people to view, listen, or read conference materials after the broadcast is over:

  • When viewing video on you can use any of the major browsers. Check that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player downloaded before you start watching a video. To see the supported browser and flash player versions for PC or Mac, visit How to Watch on or refer to the mhtech wiki. [You can also download video and audio files to use them offline.]
  • iTunes Mormon Channel. The iTunes Mormon Channel allows you to instantly play and download video and audio files of conference. You can watch these on a Mac, PC, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, or any other iOS device. You’ll need to make sure you’ve installed iTunes on whatever device you’re using. The iTunes Mormon Channel also has a free general conference podcast. You can choose to download the individual files you want, or you can subscribe to the podcast so that new sessions will automatically be downloaded. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can play the audio or video files of conference on your device or transfer the content to a USB drive. Play files on a USB drive using other devices, such as a Western Digital TV HD Live Media Player.
  • Mobile Device Apps. To watch, listen, or read conference materials on your mobile device, download the Gospel Library or Mormon Channel Apps from the iTunes app store [or the Adroid store]. These apps are free and should say “published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

If you want to play back conference for a large group, make sure you have the right cable or equipment needed to connect your device with a TV, projector, or meetinghouse video system. You can find information specific to devices and methods on the mhtech wiki’s “Get Started with Viewing Church Broadcasts” article.

Wait time for accessing recent conference materials depends on the method you are using and the language you are looking for, but generally video becomes available 24 hours after conference is over [although a single video of the live stream is posted within minutes of the end of each session]. Audio will also be available in over 70 languages eight hours after the original broadcast. To see more about the availability for conference materials, visit: “When Conference Materials Will Be Available” on

Visit the mhtech wiki and forums to share your experience with viewing general conference using these methods.

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