I share the following not as an anti-catholic post, not at all. I just find it funny that somehow the message of Christ has eeked out into society as a message as some exclusive club?!

At a rivalry football game where the passions were as hot as the hormone level, a group of students from a catholic high school decided to alter the popular "We've got spirit, yes we do, we've go spirit, how about you?" chant to "We've got Jesus, how about you?"

Aside from being a tasteless and clear violation of the commandment to not take the name of God in vein, it does not embrace any part of Christ's message. Jesus Christ is not something to brag about, or boast in superiority about. In any case, I find the whole story one of those moments that high schoolers will probably wish they didn't experience or take part in come the 15 year reunion.
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