Short of coming out and saying that he is an economic failure of a president, Barack Obama has vocally shifted the responsibility for his mess to the GOP congress. Does that mean it is the GOP's turn to say, "we inherited this mess from our president?" I see this as a pretty clear election tactic.

Come November and the economy still sucks, Obama needs an out against his republican rivals. This is of course a gutsy move, because if things do get better under the republicans, he pretty much has his bluff called and will most likely not be president.

Both sides are being urged to put together a jobs program to help get American's back to work. Back to work? Really? Is that what the founding fathers wanting our government to be doing? To turn us into a bunch of invalid workers dependent on what the government does to make our living?

The last I checked, Obama wanted the responsibility of turning the nation around. He wanted to be the head honcho, the savior of America. Trying to shift that responsibility onto others will not alleviate the responsibility off himself. In fact, doing such will keep Obama in the picture as the president who couldn't fix things. Who's programs kept American's from working rather than letting the natural course of economic ebbs and flows take place, he played economy god. It almost reminds me of that movie Bruce Almighty. Barack Almighty... coming soon to theaters... if theaters can stay open through the end of Barack's presidency...
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