Made for Life is a short interview-based film recently produced for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on the uniqueness of marriage as it relates to children.

Made for Life is the second film in the Marriage: Unique for a Reason series, and is told from the perspectives of actual married couples and single parents addressing the necessity of sexual differences in creating and fostering life. Made for Life explores the individual strengths a mother and father each bring to the life of a child and how those strengths complement one other to form the best environment in which to raise a child.

Made for Life follows the successful 2010 release of Made for Each Other, a film exploring the nature and importance of sexual difference in marriage.

In response to concerns about how young adults view the role of marriage today, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned Design4 in 2009 to develop this film series along with viewers guides, teaching materials and a website based on the theme of Marriage: Unique for a Reason.

The series is directed to young adults in their twenties and explores the role of marriage as an elemental institution of life, the unique beauty of spousal love, the importance of sexual difference in marriage to both husband and wife and for their children and the foundational role of marriage in building community. Design4 initially conducted nationwide focus groups, then developed messaging, scripting, direction and full line production including post-production editing, music, motion graphics and sound engineering.

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