Someone has translated my story “The Greatest Science Fiction Story Ever Written,” originally published in Nature, into Chinese.

My favorite comment from one of the readers is:

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!!! [Google Translate]

From searching Google, it appears the story’s been published in Chinese on several websites — and that its publication in Nature caused quite a stir among Chinese scientists.  From one blog entry about it (as translated by Google):

October 28, 467 issue of “Nature” magazine published a short story, the title is called “the greatest science fiction.” Article came out, first in “Nature” magazine readers – Physics, Chemistry, graduate students and scholars in the field, causing a firestorm.

“World’s top scientific journals few tens of thousands of physical and chemical health researchers in the field of fighting endless life, may be in the” natural “and” science “that few of the journals published something. Today, a science fiction in a place on the pages of high cost of land, is quite a curiosity. “bio-energy in the UK to study Lei Wang PhD students to share the first time to this is science fiction.

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