When I was a teen the Church taught chastity primarily with fear. Used gum was the perennial analogy. It went something like this: Leader passes out a stick of gum to every girl in the room. We all chew it for a minute or two. Then the girls are told that having had intimate relations with a boy will make us used gum to another. And no one likes used gum. We were instructed to take the gum out of our mouths and offer it to one of one of the other girls. This grossed us all out of course. No one likes used gum.

One of the biggest problems with this analogy is that it did not account for repentance. There are other problems of course. I'll simply say they did the best they could at the time. Fortunately, they are doing better now.

View the new youth video below and see if you don't agree with me.

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