Something has been missing at the Spirit of the Law blog for sometime - the spirit part of the title. I recognize my own faults in being sucked into meaningless conversations focusing on the negative aspects of this world. After all most political conversations these days are about what the 'other guys' are doing wrong, not about what we are doing that is right or about real ideas that can make this world more than just a better place - but the place it ought to be.

I realize that we have attempted to discuss aspects of secular life then occasionally seek to squeeze that into a spiritual paradigm. This simply won't work - it hasn't worked. The following article from Elder Oaks given at BYU really brings to light the pursuits of secular and scholarly work as it relates to gospel study and gospel knowledge. I do hope that you take the time to read this as I believe every individual who claims to be a blogger, scholar, or writer of any kind while simultaneously considering themselves a "faithful member of the church" as I do, should be able to fully reconcile themselves to the teachings in this talk. After reading this talk, I realized that I was off in my blogging and writing pursuits and now seek to make changes accordingly.

I recognize that some who have commented on this blog have diminished our conclusions based on the idea that they are spiritually or religiously based and therefore not universally valid. I now say with all the kindness I can muster up, truth is not to be diminished simply due to some secular and therefore lacking standard of truth. I declare that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth. As members of that church we embrace truth and do not fear it. This is why we should strive to find the truth, not from Fox News, or CNN, research statistics, or some blog - including ours. Rather we should understand that we are all in the pursuit of truth from God. And in that pursuit we often share ideas we feel embrace truth revealed by God who is the source of all truth.

As stated before, in times past we have brought forward a secular source and seek to cram or adjust that information to fit a spiritual context (sometimes we even stay at the secular). I would like to call for a change in priority. Let us put gospel ideals first, then, for the sake of discussion and in expanding our support of that truth, seek sources in the secular, political, or social realm, that are in general agreement or are application of that truth. I recognize the difficulty that this might pose - We might actually have to accept something as truth first; unalterable truth. However, understanding that no amount of scholarship can save us, I recognize that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be our priority; not the democrats or republicans. Ideals and truths can propel us into a great society but only when properly understood against the backdrop of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage commenters and blog writers to embrace a similar perspective as we seek to move forward the cause of Christ, not a political ideal or temporal pursuit.
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