Even though it seems that their labor is cheap, society makes up the difference. We pay them a smaller wage directly, but the full wage indirectly.

When paid under the table, they don’t pay taxes, so your taxes support them. When their low wages don’t allow them to make ends meet, they turn to the welfare program for free or discounted rent, food stamps, and welfare checks.

Since they don’t get health benefits, society pays for their health care (either directly through government programs or indirectly when the doctors and hospitals have to eat the cost of non-payment and pass it along to other paying customers). Society gives them free education (at often higher costs to provide language support and special education).

The Mexican government is actively encouraging their citizens to migrate illegally to the USA. The state governments in two states in Mexico have published pamphlets explaining how Mexican nationals can sneak into the USA and benefit from our welfare, education, and healthcare programs.
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