You've probably heard about Michelle Obama's recent vacation to one of the most expensive resorts in Europe, the chic Costa del Sol in southern Spain, with 40 of her "closest friends." Her group occupied 60-70 rooms. The Obamas paid for all personal expenses, but your wallet paid for the Secret Service personnel on the trip, which amounted to somewhere over $400,000. Ok, I'll give the Obamas a break. They deserve a vacation. But here are a few quotes from Bob Lonsberry that point out deeper issues:

"[It] was a rare honest glimpse into the psyche and values of the first family. In the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do world of the Obamas and their party, we can see clearly the socialism-for-us-and-elitism-for-them theme which has been so popular with modern tyrants."

"In the cause of helping the poor and redistributing your wealth, Al Gore becomes a billionaire, John Kerry buys a multi-million-dollar yacht, and the First Lady takes 40 of her friends to one of the most expensive resorts in Europe."

"Almost two years into an administration that uses socialist class hatred of 'the rich' at every turn and for every issue, the very family that defines the current 'revolution' goes off on a vacation completely incomprehensible to virtually all Americans."

"With staggering unemployment and suffocating national debt, in the depths of a lifeless recovery, while her husband and his party demand that the rich pay their share and that corporations be torn down, the First Lady flies dozens of her cronies out of the country to a billionaire’s paradise."

"Must be there’s no place in the United States good enough for her. "

"And must be being a community organizer pays pretty good. Barack Obama has not worked in the private sector in decades, Michelle Obama didn’t start making any big money until her husband became a United States senator, but they can still afford this."

"And want this. Which is all the more telling."

"According to the convention speeches and campaign biographies, Michelle Obama comes from humble, middle-class roots. Her mom and dad worked, her father a humble public-works employee. They were respectable people, but like most Americans they lived on a budget.
And when you’re a public-works laborer in Chicago, you save up to vacation at the Mall of America or Indiana Dunes. Maybe you’ve got a cabin in Michigan or you stay a week in Branson."

"But you don’t go to Spain. "

"And when your poor neighbors are sitting on the couch, you don’t sit down at the table and eat a steak in front of them."

"Unless you’re Michelle Obama."

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