Here I go with one of those I told you so moments.

A short while ago I posted an article on the pros and cons of the Canadian Healthcare model. (For those of you who do not know, Canada has government run, socialized medicine.) President Obama’s administration is in the process of building a similar model in the United States. 

One of the cons I mentioned in that post is that the Canadian model is not effective at controlling costs. That’s right, costs are spiraling out of control in Canada just like they are in the US. And on the other side of the ocean, healthcare costs are also rising sharply in most European nations with socialized medicine.

Funny thing is, the Democratic healthcare bill was passed largely to control spending. Apparently the current US administration didn’t look into what is happening to medical costs in socialized countries; if they had, they might have reconsidered. I suppose they think they can do socialized medicine better than the rest of the world.

Good luck!

And now I'll sign off with an amazing revelation:

Health care costs can only be controlled by reforming health care delivery, not by reforming healthcare insurance, which, unfortunately, is all the recent health care bill does.

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