George Soros has a plan to solve all the world's problems. He proposes a "climate fund" that would help flow money from the rich to the poor. "The developed world received over $150 billion and they really have no use for it at all."

He proposes to have the International Monetary Fund (which along with George, controls the world's gold supply) combine all the money from all governments and give the interest to third-world countries. This would be a massive redistribution of wealth--socialism on a global scale. All under the guise of "global warming."

The only problem, according to George is that "it would require Congressional approval in the United States. And that's a cumbersome and painful process for the Administration to go through." Isn't it a shame that the pesky constitution requires a legislative process that is "cumbersome and painful" for the president. It would be much better if Uncle George and his puppet Barack Obama could just authorize it. (George is one of Obama's primary confidants on international finance goals, and has already made billions off Obama's policies. If Obama buys in to Soros' plans for the International Monetary Fund, George could stand to make hundreds of billions.)
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