Is content really king in search engine optimization ( Find out why. Is Content King ( Today my colleague Jimmy Smith pointed me to an absolutely fascinating blog. Once I started reading it, I became enthralled and kept reading one page to the next. By the time I got done, I had spent a good 30 to 45 minutes reading some of the posts on this blog. When I finally got to a point where I could actually pull myself away from the LCD and regain my composure, I started doing e-mail again. That’s when I came across the e-mail request to write a post for LDS Tech ( “Oops, better save that one,” I thought. I received a call from Cassie a few weeks earlier, but since it was a month or more away before she needed my article, I just left the e-mail request in my inbox. So after making a mental note to write an article, I went back to doing more e-mail cleanup. Read more. ( task=view id=380 Itemid=1)
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