You know the scenario: as General Conference begins, you gather pen and paper, tune in to KBYU or, recline back on your couch, and then try to stay alert for the next two days. October’s conference was a little different. About 150 people participated in an online conversation on Twitter, using the #ldsconf hashtag to share thoughts, comments, and other feedback throughout General Conference. For the uninitiated, Twitter ( is a microblogging service akin to group instant messaging. People post little reflections (“tweets”) about what’s going on in their lives, and they keep up with tweets from other people they choose to follow. You can follow thousands of people, or just a few. When participants add hashtags to their tweets, such as #ldsconf, Twitter enables a community of people to gather virtually during an event. Through the hashtag, you can connect to a community of all other twitterers adding the same hashtags in their tweets, regardless of whether you’re following them or whether they’re following you. Read more. ( task=view id=375 Itemid=1)
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