One of our readers, Kent White, has built a new website at which gives announcements of upcoming conferences and papers which have to do with the Church and Mormonism.  As Kent describes it:

This site’s purpose is to provide those who have an interest in Mormon Studies the ability to easily find all of the conferences where presentations are made on Mormonism’s theology, history, culture, and people. I have particularly tried to make this a resource for scholars of Mormonism and those who enjoy academics, including the most comprehensive list of Calls for Papers on Mormon Studies (even if the papers aren’t presented at a conference).

I haven’t been too involved in the various conferences in the past, but I plan to change all of that.  These conferences/symposiums are an excellent way to stay current on all the latest scholarship in the Church, and to learn a great deal.  I appreciate the work that Kent has done on this website, and I have subscribed to his feeds.  Kent gave me the opportunity to design his site’s logo too, so that was fun.

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