We are delighted to announce the publication of a book of essays in honor of renowned Latter-day Saint scholar and apologist, Daniel C. Peterson, for his remarkable work and dedication in defending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book is entitled Steadfast in Defense of Faith and was published by The Interpreter Foundation and Eborn Books. The book was presented to Dr. Peterson at the 2023 FAIR Conference, where he was also presented with a Lifetime Achievement, Defender of the Faith award by FAIR President, Scott Gordon.

The book was edited by former mission companion Stephen D. Ricks as well as friends and associates Shirley Ricks and Louis Midgley. It includes essays by such well-known scholars and friends of Professor Peterson as John Gee, Ralph C. Hancock, Noel B. Reynolds, Royal Skousen, Thomas G. Alexander, Donald W. Parry, S. Kent Brown, John W. Welch, Richard L. Bushman, and many others.

Throughout his career, Dr. Peterson has devoted his time, knowledge, and passion to promoting faith, addressing challenging issues, and providing much-needed context to the beliefs and history of the Church. Through his writings, lectures, and leadership Daniel C. Peterson has played a vital role in fostering understanding and unity among Latter-day Saints, as well as others interested in learning about the faith. His commitment to scholarship and faithfulness are truly exemplary, and his remarkable ability to blend intellectual rigor with good humor and compassion have touched the lives of many.

As a distinguished professor emeritus of Islamic Studies and Arabic at Brigham Young University, he founded the University’s Middle Eastern Texts Initiative. Dr. Peterson has highlighted the importance of religious studies, helping bridge the gap between faith traditions and cultivating an atmosphere of respect and understanding. He is the author, among other things, of a biography entitled Muhammad: Prophet of God (Eerdmans, 2007).

He is also the founder and president of the Interpreter Foundation, which provides resources and scholarship for Latter-day Saints seeking answers to questions about the Church and its doctrine. He was formerly the chairman of the board of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) and an officer, editor, and author for its successor organization, the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.

In recognition of his invaluable contributions, we invite all members and friends of the Church to join us as we celebrate Daniel C. Peterson’s legacy and honor his unwavering commitment to the gospel. As we reflect on his work, we are reminded of the blessings we receive when we seek to understand our faith, ask challenging questions, and remain grounded in our love for the Savior, Jesus Christ. Together, let us express our deepest gratitude and admiration for Dr. Daniel C. Peterson and his continued testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

To place an order and for more information on the book Steadfast in Defense of Faith, please visit https://fairlatterdaysaints.org/store/.

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