I know what you’re probably thinking at this point: 

“Sure, this sounds like a great conference – but it’s really more for scholars than for an ‘ordinary’ person like me. Besides, I’m pretty busy right now. There’s just not enough time for me to go to a lot of meetings that really don’t have anything to do with me and my life. Maybe another time.”

But guess what? THIS is the time. And it has EVERYTHING to do with your life and the life of your loved ones.

Consider this: when it comes to the top three concerns critics have about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (though opinions can vary), the most common ones that tend to come up are:

  1. Historical issues: One of the biggest concerns critics raise is about certain historical practices and doctrines of the LDS Church, including polygamy and the restriction of African Americans from holding the priesthood until 1978.  Some critics argue that the church’s historical narrative has been selectively presented or not fully transparent, and sometimes nefarious. 
  2. Doctrinal disagreements: Critics often challenge unique LDS beliefs, such as the concept of eternal families and eternal progression, continuing revelation, and the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price as scripture. These theological discrepancies regularly cause tension and skepticism among those outside of our faith.
  3. Social Issues: Critics also raise concerns about the Church’s stance on social issues, such as LGBT rights, women’s roles, and the Church’s position on race. The church’s stance on gender roles and LGBTQ+ rights is a hotly debated topic. Critics also voice concerns about how the Church manages abuse, education and the tithes and funds of the Church. 

Take a minute to think about your loved ones and acquaintances who are questioning, doubting or have left the church. Chances are they are experiencing concerns in one of those three areas. But consider this:

    1. Historical issues: 
      • Knowing Brother Joseph: How the Historical Record Demonstrates the Prophet’s Religious Sincerity
      • His Accuracy was not What it Ought: Comparing George D. Watt’s Original Shorthand Record to his Published Transcripts in the Journal of Discourses
      • Convicting the Mormons: The Mountain Meadows Massacre in American Culture
      • Joseph Smith and the Magical Contest
      • Understanding History Backwards
      • Material Plates, Spiritual Vision: Martin Harris, Divine Materiality, and Seeing with “Spiritual Eyes”
    1. Doctrinal disagreements: 
      • The Apparent Genetic Discrepancy between Mormon’s Narrative and the Origin of Native Americans
      • Proving the Church Is True
      • Making Sense of Your Patriarchal Blessing
      • Reading Over Mormon’s Shoulder: Watching Mormon fulfill the two purposes listed in the Title Page
      • “Written in the Books of Moses”: Mosaic Authorship and Authority in the Book of Mormon
      • Pressing Forward with the Book of Abraham
      • The Seven Seals in the Apocalypse of John: Possible Cultural, Legal, and Imperial Contexts
    1. Social Issues: 
      • BYU-Pathway: Serving the Hidden Many
      • For the Strength of Youth: Moving from Compliance and Defiance to Integrity in Covenant Relationship
      • Embracing Diversity: Navigating LGBTQ+ Experiences as a Latter-day Saint (Panel Discussion)
      • Shedding Light on the Complexities: Understanding Abuse within the LDS Church
      • Fostering Resilient Faith In the Midst of Questions, Doubts, and Loved Ones Leaving
      • Portrayal of Latter-day Saints in Television
      • Whistleblowers in the Last Days

After attending the 2023 FAIR Conference, can you imagine how much more confident and capable you will be in addressing the concerns of your loved ones? What difference will this make in your own confidence and testimony?

Let’s find out together!

Just in case you forgot, here are the important details about the 2023 FAIR Conference:

When: August 2-4, 2023

Where: The Experience Event Center, Provo, Utah

How much: $150 – but there are discounts available for various groups, so please ask!

What’s included: meeting authors and presenters, access to new books and swag, a silent auction, an exclusive panel discussion, a chance to meet FAIR’s board and our sponsors in person, and displays of both art and rare books. Lunch is provided!

P.S. You can find details about each day’s schedule here: Wednesday 2 August Schedule, Thursday 3 August Schedule, Friday 4 August Schedule


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