I rounded the corner of our home to see a car coming down our drive. We live rural and people don't drive past us, they have to drive to us.

I didn't recognize the car or the two people that got out of it. We greeted each other and started some pleasantries. They struck me as nice people.

Putting two and two together wasn't hard. I asked them if they were Jehovah's Witnesses. They confirmed that they were and I motioned my husband to come out of the house. I knew he would want to be part of any gospel discussion.

We had a very nice chat with them. We shared beliefs, read and examined scriptures, and asked each other questions.

We shared a great deal of common ground.

However, we did seem to be at odds on some points, but nothing major. Frankly, it was nice to meet and interact with other like-minded Christians.

They gave us a business card with their official website address on it and we gave them the link to the Church's ComeuntoChrist site where they could access a Book of Mormon.

We talked about how the Book of Mormon is another, a second, witness of Jesus Christ and of the Bible which seemed to interest them.

We also talked about the law of witnesses and how Heavenly Father supports and buttresses his work with other witnesses.

That's when the man said, "Well, maybe the third witness is a Jehovah's Witness!"

Good one!

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