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The war over parental rights has begun

Carl R. Trueman—World

In his ever careful way, Trueman looks at the recent tensions between parents and the school boards that serve them. He looks at some of the philosophical underpinnings that might prevent this issue from being easily resolved.

Cemeteries Remind Us of The Importance Of Religion

Grace Bydalek—The American Conservative

Thomas S. Monson famously loved visiting cemeteries. Grace Bydalek explores some of the reasons why, considering what the distilled messages tell us about what is most important in our lives and how it conflicts with what is valued outside the cemetery walls.

A Disappointed Supporter

Allyson Flake Matsoso—Philosophy of Motherhood

Matsoso has recently written a two-part series for Public Square reflecting in part on the significance of Jordan Peterson in helping her understand her role as a mother. So we wanted to make sure you saw this take where she reflects on Peterson’s recent Twitter controversy where he called a magazine cover model “not beautiful.”

How the church should respond to the rise of anti-Semitism in America

Jordan Wooten—Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

A think tank for the Southern Baptist Church published an article looking at the alarming rise of antisemitism and what their church could do about it. The ideas are practical and should be of interest to those of other faiths looking to answer the same question.

Breaking Down Texas’ Disruptive New Social Media Law

Andrew Egger—The Dispatch

A new Texas law will go into effect that prevents social media sites from viewpoint discrimination. The law echoes similar public square laws such as those about malls in California. The Dispatch has an explainer of the many ramifications of the new rules.

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