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What Sex Really Is

Aubrey Pollnow—First Things

The latest from First Things is remarkable for two reasons. First, it explores implicature and the lengths Amia Srinivasan goes to in her most recent book to avoid being seen talking to the wrong people. Second, it provides a pithy but complete defense of a traditional sexual ethic.

Tibet: No Religion Allowed in Social Media Short Videos and Webcasts

Lopsang Gurung—Bitter Winter

China has set new regulations for social media use in Tibet. Videos shared there cannot mention religion. The rules around this regulation are ambiguous, and enforcement remains to be seen, but this should spark major concerns for any religious freedom advocates.

Is “Be True to Yourself” Good Advice?

Brian S. Rosner—Crossway

Rosner answers the title’s question by basically saying it depends on how you define “yourself.” And then spends the bulk of the article look at the new and sometimes problematic approaches to defining the self that have become socially dominant. The recent prophetic focus on identity from Russell M. Nelson suggests this kind of analysis may be helpful.

What is the Church?

Chad Nielsen—Times & Seasons

An exploration of the remarks most meaningful to the author from general conference, Chad Nielsen examines Reyna Aburto’s talk, tying it into the larger picture of her ministry and earlier remarks.

Pro-Abortion Rights Protesters Hit Catholic Churches: Why You Didn’t Read About It

Clemente Lisi—Get Religion

In the wake of a leaked Supreme Court ruling implication abortion, many have chosen to channel their frustration with hateful and bigoted acts targeted at Catholic churches, including in some cases vandalism and theft. But this story was largely missing from the popular press. The essential religion in media critics at Get Religion have an insightful answer.

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