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For Russian priest protesting Ukraine invasion, a mixture of defiance and concern

Jack Jenkins – Religion News Services

Rev. Ioann Burdin first wrote a letter against the Russian war in Ukraine in late February. He eventually started praying for peace in his church, and within a few weeks the police were contacting his parishioners. His journey is essential reading.

God’s Paradoxical Path

Meagan Kohler – Mirabile Dictu

Starting from a reflection on General Conference, Meagan Kohler concludes, “The world will change when you change yourself.” She bemoans those stuck in perpetual fist-shaking at the heavens.

Naw! Nobody in the Title IX wars is asking LGBTQ questions about religious schools

Terry Mattingly – Get Religion

The Washington Post recently spoke about a new application of Title IX rules. But though the change will effect more than 7,000 religious schools the reporting on the issue ignores the question of religion entirely leaving a major hole in their reporting on the matter.

The Women Who Restored Moral Philosophy

Paul Dicken – The American Conservative

As World War II began, four women took positions at Oxford University. They found the moral philosophy of the academy severely lacking. Watching the horrors of WWII shook them from their complacency. This fascinating story is worth your time.

To the columnist who questioned why we ‘half’ to do general conference — let me answer

Hanna Seariac – Deseret News

In Monday’s Conference run down, I shared a quip in response to a columnist asking why we even have General Conference. Hanna Seariac takes the question much more seriously and gives it a much fuller answer, definitely worth a read.

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