A study out today find that most Americans can’t name all four of their grandparents! Despite this 2/3rds of respondents said they wanted to know more about their ancestors.

This gap may provide a natural opportunity for connecting others with the gospel due to the Church’s world-class genealogical facilities.

For those who want to better connect with their own family, a new Kickstarter may be of interest. FamilyBinds Storybooks hopes to offer personalized storybooks that you can read to your children about their ancestors.

Since more than half of the respondents to the survey said they wanted to learn more about their ancestors’ stories in particular they may be meeting an important need!

Founder, Meeshell Hélas, tells LDS Daily that the project was born out of a desire for her children to learn about their great-grandmother, even though they wouldn’t have the same chance to connect with her.


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