I keep discovering that all my most bouncin’ ideas turn out to be pale echoes of stuff already found in the scriptures.

For instance, the home as a fortress from which we sally out to wreak havoc on the devil.

Proclaim it abroad.  You are the knights of the spiritual feudalism.  The vikings have been looting the spiritual landscape unchecked.  Have been.  But now you are erecting extraordinary fortifications of the soul, such castles as the world has not seen, from which you sally.  Beat the drums, counsel together, your family is going to war.

Against the current

Comrades on the wall

I sat down to read D&C 88 because I like the verses about establishing a house of order, and God chuckled.

Here is the context for those verses that I like, which I somehow never noticed before. They are so astonishing. Only God is great enough to conceive of these things.

At the end, we will be crowned with the glory of his power and be filled with his glory and inherit all and be made equal to him. (v. 107) (Incredible).

Angels will announce the secret works of God. (vv. 108-113)

Then comes the battle of the Great God. (v. 114)

Michael shall overcome the devil and his ambition. (v. 115)

This is the glory of God and the saints. (v. 116)

Therefore (v. 117)

Seek ye learning out of the best books (v. 118)

Establish a house (v. 119)

Learn and build now in expectation of complete and utter victory.

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