Recent changes in the General Handbook, 33.10 allow stake presidencies and bishoprics to call one or more technology specialists to serve at the stake and ward level.

Ward Technology Specialist

Ward technology specialists may be men, women, or youth. They serve under the direction of the ward executive secretary. Their responsibilities can include the following:

  • Teach members how to access and use Church media, apps, and other technology tools, including FamilySearch.
  • Support leaders and teachers who use technology tools to fulfill their callings.
  • Manage streaming of meetings and classes for those who cannot attend.

Ward technology specialists receive support and training from stake technology specialists.

Stake Technology Specialists

Stake technology specialists may be men, women, or youth. They serve under the direction of the stake clerk. In addition to the duties outlined above, stake technology specialists have the following responsibilities for managing Church computers in the stake, including those in family history centers:

  • Take direction from the stake presidency about placing, sharing, reassigning, and scheduling all stake computers.
  • Maintain a current inventory of all computer hardware in the stake, with serial numbers, models, capacities, and physical locations.
  • Ensure that (1) computers, software, and confidential information are secure, (2) data files are backed up regularly, and (3) backup files are stored away from the building (see 33.8 and 33.9).
  • Be familiar with the general policies for Church computers in 38.8.10. Be familiar with guidelines for obtaining and managing Church computers. These guidelines are available from Church headquarters or the area office. They provide information about matters such as hardware and software, internet connections, repairs, disposal of computers, stolen or damaged computers, security, and use by members.

As needed, stake technology specialists coordinate the work of ward technology specialists and provide training.

Stake technology specialists have access to manage the following tools in order to support meetinghouses used by multiple wards or branches:

Changes in Calling Titles

Two stake callings have been renamed in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR). The stake or district assistant clerk—technology specialist (STS) and the assistant technology specialist (ATS) will now both be known as technology specialists (TS).

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