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FamilySearch has the world’s largest online family tree and provides free family history experiences to millions of people. They are constantly working on updates and improvements to make it even better. See the following updates made to FamilySearch during March and April 2021.

Update April 30 2021—FamilySearch Messaging System

FamilySearch’s messaging system has a new interface to make the features easier to find and use.

Auto-Fill Contact Names. In the To field, type the first few letters of another user’s contact name, and the rest of the name will fill automatically, with some options to choose from if more than one name begins in a similar way. Contact names can be viewed or changed in Settings.

Control the Conversation. Use the following to manage your conversations:

  • Delete—Remove old conversations. To delete entire conversations, choose Select, check the box next to the message you want to delete, and then select the trash can icon.
  • Mute—Stop receiving messages from another user. To find this option, select the person’s name next to the message.
  • Report Abuse—Alert FamilySearch if another user breaks the FamilySearch Code of Conduct. To find this option, select the person’s name next to the message.
  • Send Message—You can choose to send a message by pressing either Return or Shift+Return. Choosing Shift+Return allows you to control line returns in longer messages. To access this setting, select Change near the send button.

If you use a bookmark for Messages, note that this updated version uses a new URL.

Update March 26, 2021—See Who Else Is Following the People You Follow in the Tree

In the family tree, you can follow the profiles of deceased individuals and add labels to the profiles, sort them, and get updates about changes made to them. A recent update now lets you view a list of FamilySearch users who follow the same profiles that you follow in the tree.

These other followers are often relatives or people who have been researching about the same people or profiles you follow. They may have insight or information to share. Using FamilySearch messages, you can start up a conversation and connect with these living individuals on FamilySearch.org.

Read the article “FamilySearch Updates Enhance your Experience” to learn how to do this and to see other updates made in FamilySearch.

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