On this site, we publish a best-of-the-best list of resources about pornography. We also often recommend a program to help your family stay clear of pornography—Covenant Eyes, a Christian-based program that combines internet filtering with a system of accountability. Learn more about Covenant Eyes.

Covenant Eyes provides a ton of free resources for people trying to quit porn and for people supporting others on their freedom journeys. Here’s a sample of their resources, which are added to each month:

Protecting Minors and Their Families

The ebook Protecting Minors and Their Families tackles the problem of porn use among minors. It dispels the dangerous notions that minors don’t use porn and that minors who go to church and love God are somehow immune from the pull of pornography.

Blog Articles

The Covenant Eyes blog has categories like “Rebuild Your Marriage,” “Defeat Lust and Pornography,” and “Help Others Restore Integrity.”

These thoughtful, well-researched, and honest resources can help anyone whose life has been touched by pornography.


Covenant Eyes is a Christian-based program to help your family stay clear of pornography. The strength of the program is that it combines filtering with a system of accountability. This program helps families escape the temptation by removing the secrecy of the Internet. Accountability software monitors and reports all web activity to an Accountability Partner of your choice. The reports score websites to easily identify mature web addresses, searches, and links. The full-featured filter may be used with the accountability service or by itself. You can choose which services are used by each person in your family: accountability, filtering, or both. They also offer Internet Accountability for the iPhone, iPod touch®, and iPad® and are developing applications for other mobile devices. For about ten dollars a month, I think this is one of the strongest programs of its kind. I believe in their system so much that I’ve set up an affiliate relationship with them to help spread the word. This page contains affiliate links for which we may receive compensation for referring customers.

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