My daughter did something neat this conference.  She wrote down all the things she laughed at and all the good stories.

There were some good stories and some deeply moving ones, like  Sister Aburto and Elder Palmer’s experiences with their siblings dying.

I wasn’t trying to write any type of note in particular, but as usual I seem to have gone for memorable phrases and pithy aphorisms

Uchtdorf – It is God who makes us great.

Jones – Eternity is the wrong thing to be wrong about.

? – Home church is family power.

Eyring – Go to the temple sufficiently pure.

Holland – The principles of righteousness lead to the powers of righteousness.

Holland – Pledge total loyalty in word and deed to the Lamb of God.

? – Pray, Pray, Pray.

Neilsen – God sees us as the builders of great kingdoms.

Soares – the most immeasurable act

Aburto – No mourning would mean no love.

Palmer – “I will be baptized today or never.”

Wong — We cannot change all that is coming.  But we can change how we prepare for what is coming.

President Nelson – Without [loyalty] it is impossible to please God.

President Nelson – Lazy learners and lax disciples.

Dyches – Light leads to light.

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