There once was a man who was born to be a womanizer.  Without trying he grew up tall and remarkably handsome.  He had a natural talent for mixing sympathy and teasing, with a lot of interest and empathy for woman but also had a kind of untouchable and remote inner core–social dynamite.  He had catholic tastes in girls and was attracted to sex.  He even–please don’t judge him, it just happened–had a sort of sixth sense for someone’s inner vulnerabilities that could be exploited.  All in all, he would have been a superlative womanizer and he knew it.  Fortunately for him, he grew up a follower of Christ.  Though he knew he could womanize and saw the appeal of doing something that he was very good at, it didn’t work with the burning vision God gave him of leading a beloved wife and children and grandchildren into the eternities.   A natural talent for womanizing doesn’t just turn into a natural talent for being a husband, it turns out.  There were bumps along the way.  Sometimes when he thought of the great gift he had been born with, he had to laugh.


[Editor’s note:  yes, this is weird even by our standards.  Dunno, it just came to me]

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