President Russell M. Nelson has encouraged us to seek personal revelation and assured us that Heavenly Father is willing to bestow it on us.

I know all of this to be true. What I find astonishing sometimes is how ready Heavenly Father is to provide this to us on little things and especially on the fly.

Dispense with the toast

Monday morning was just such a time. I was getting ready for a dental appointment. While eating breakfast, the thought distinctly came into my mind, "You don't have time to finish your toast."

Thoughts like this are almost sacrilegious for me. I always eat a full breakfast and never skip. It's been a strong belief and practice that my breakfast routine is much more essential than anything I might be tempted to skip it for.

I felt it was a prompting though and I dutifully put down my toast and finished getting ready. My subsequent timing in getting ready, driving to, and arriving at the dentist's office was perfect.

Was there a larger purpose I am unaware of? Undoubtedly! If nothing else, it may have been a test to see if I'm responsive to divine promptings.

When I got home later, I finished my toast.

Things of convenience and nothing more

I remember once, years ago, I felt prompted to take a different road home than I usually took. The alternate route was a street parallel to the one I was on. I could have easily taken it instead of the one I did take.

As I made my way home, I heard a road report on the radio saying that that road was experiencing a slight slow down and to avoid it if possible.

I felt blessed. The prompting probably saved me a small amount of time and a little inconvenience. There was no accident or anything. Traffic was just moving slowly.

I felt prompted to take a slightly faster route, that was all. It made no other difference in my day that I can determine.

Revelation on the fly

We know we need and deserve revelation. This is especially true when it comes to important things in life. But when we get revelation on little things, it can make us feel that we truly are watched over by our Heavenly Father constantly. We are that much more cognizant of being loved and provided for.

This is why I like the following story so much: A Discouraged Man’s Profound Answer to Prayer published August 14, 2019, in Meridian Magazine.

Dan, the man in the story, had recently lost his job because of illness but found one as a plumber working at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City. He'd had a variety of other illnesses in his own life and in the lives of his family members.

His simple prayer that morning was a pleading to Heavenly Father to "have a better day."

What happened was remarkable:
“President Monson took two steps passed me,” said Dan, “then stopped and turned around and came back. I was with other plumbers working on the fountain, but President Monson, picked me out, pointed at me and said, ‘I hope you have a better day.”

“We finished the drinking fountain, and then went into the parking lot to work on a large water line. We were standing there and I was not paying attention,” he said, when Elder Oaks came through the tunnel from State Street.

“He walks fast. He is always going somewhere and doing something. We all stopped talking to look at him. Then Elder Oaks stopped and turned around and pointed at me and said, ‘You have a better day.”

His friends said to Dan, “What’s going on with you?” He just shook his head in amazement. Then a few minutes later Elder Robert D. Hales came by in his car. “I saw his arm go over and gesture toward the security guy to slow down. He looks at me for a second, pointed his finger, and then they drove on.”

“I’m nobody. I’m just a plumber. For the Brethren to feel the Spirit so keenly and know just what to say helped my spirit so greatly,” Dan McMillan said.

To pick up the very words he had pled for about having a better day made him feel so known, and if known that well, then loved by the God who is over all things. He who knows us so perfectly knows also how to perfectly help us.

If you need a better day, or something similar, remember how perfectly Heavenly Father knows you and will help you.

The next time you hear the phrase, "Have a better day!" remember this story. Your day will be better because you will remember how much Heavenly Father really watches over you.

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