How can we help make the journey to the chapel doors feel less anxious and lonely for others? For many, their experiences, family realities, or circumstances may not reflect an imagined “ideal.”

How can we help people in these situations feel welcomed at church?

  • The sister, recently divorced, who hurts during discussions about marriage.
  • The young adult struggling with questions, pleading for answers.
  • The sister suffering from anxiety, feeling deep loneliness and fear.
  • The young black brother, uncomfortable as his class discusses incorrect understandings about race and priesthood.
  • The sister who has not yet married and feels it means she has no value.
  • The mother of a child with disabilities, worried that his involuntary movements are distracting to others.
  • The brother with same-sex attraction, contemplating leaving the Church as he struggles to understand his future.
  • The sister who worries how she’ll be judged by others as she takes her first tentative steps back to church.

Read suggestions in the article “Including Everyone” in this month’s new Liahona magazine. It’s just one example of the amazing articles about how to become better disciples of Christ.



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