Definition of unique

In order to even explore this issue, you have to understand what the word "unique" means because it has been distorted in recent years.
unique: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.
Too often you hear people remarking that someone or something is the "most unique" or something similar.

Someone or something is unique or it isn't. It is one of a kind or it isn't. It is unlike anything else or it isn't. You can't add qualifiers like "most" without distorting the very definition of the word.

Heavenly Father champions uniqueness

The flip side of this question would be is Heavenly Father the champion of uniqueness?

Of course He is!

Heavenly Father encourages us to develop the unique talents and gifts He has given to each of us.

Each one of us has a mixture of potential and possibilities unlike anyone else. This makes each of us unique.

He requires each of us to make covenants and display our willingness to do so by completing ordinances.

This is required of every individual, living or dead. Face it, temple work would go a lot faster if we could do it by groupings instead of individuals.

Even the final judgment will be a unique event to each of us.

Satan champions group identity and sameness

Satan is always trying to deflect us away from our uniqueness by encouraging us to define ourselves simply as a member of a group.

He tries to tell us we have no worth as an individual, no potential as a person, and no possibilities in our lives.

He doesn't want us to develop our unique gifts and possibilities. He's trying to force us all into the same mold.

He wanted to treat us all the same in his pre-mortal plan. We would all be forced to be good and we would all inherit the same reward.

The closest political system to Satan's pre-mortal plan would be communism.

Compulsion and force will only produce sameness. This is Satan's objective. He couldn't sell it to us in the pre-mortal life so He is trying to impose it on us here.

Agency encourages uniqueness

Agency empowers us to act of ourselves, as unique individuals in our own unique way.

Governmental systems that protect agency (our freedom to act) will always compliment Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness best.

Don't help Satan

So, should you try and be like everyone else or should you be unique? The answer should be obvious.

If you try and be like everyone else, the only thing you will ever be is average. There are higher things in life to aspire to than mediocrity.

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