Some lessons from the end of the Book of Mormon.

  • It is both true that our side is our side and that our side is wicked.  I am all for core America, but are we free from divorce, childlessness, greed, dishonesty, betrayals, and all the rest?  Would that we were.


  • It doesn’t have to get better.  The signs that things are getting much worse for us could be true.  People who think we can just go through the normal processes and are bound to come back are, I fear, taking for granted something that is not at all sure.  There is no guarantee that this election is a normal election, or that the  Woke Revolution is going to subside or even stagnate.


  • Widespread election fraud seems to have occurred in key states.  Whether the challenges or other maneuvers will succeed or not we don’t know.  But if this or some other kind of success happens, it is not a sign that we were wrong to think we were and are on the brink of disaster.  It is still hopeful, though!  Because it means God is giving us another chance to repent, and thinks we are able to do so.

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