Let us say that the coronavirus were real.  Oh, of course its real.  But I’m talking about the coronavirus of our hysteria and nightmares.  What if 5% or 10% or 25% were dying?

What kinds of measures would be appropriate?

My wife and I talked about this back in February.  We agreed that this disease wasn’t going to be it, but in the event of another plague, we would do things like utterly isolate, living off our stores; if I had to go to work I would never come back inside, I would eat and sleep out on the lawn; if one of us got sick we would house that person somewhere else and nurse them wearing improvising hazmat suits made out duct tape and garbage bags.  We would do things like that and so would you.  Extreme measures are not extreme in the face of extreme threats.

Now consider this.  We live in a spiritual plague land.  The dead souls are strewn everywhere.  They lay stacked in the streets.

What kinds of measures are justified?

When people tell you, ‘don’t be extreme’ because you don’t voluntarily hook yourself up to the IV of lies, what they are really saying is that the threats are mild.  Pornography, divorce, childlessness, mobs, gossip, wrath, depression, desolation–“It’s just the spiritual flu, bro.”

Remember life in a charnel house.

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