Awhile back we all read the Boys in the Boat and went through an enthusiasm for it.    Around then we made a rare trip to the sea and I and the oldest daughter went on a little kayaking tour.  The rest of the tour paddled on sedately after the guide.  We ignored the guide and kept dashing off on sprints, pretending to be the boys in the boat.  We took turns being the coxun.  “Ten big ones!” we’d yell then we’d row as hard as we could for the indicated count.

We saw a whale surface within 10 yards of us.  We saw some dolphins not much further off.

That was several years ago.

But she was excited to tell me Monday that the Boys in the Boat was mentioned in the women’s session of General Conference.

Monday night I had an incredibly short dream.

I was sitting in a right-hand pew part way back in a church with a center aisle.  We were for some reason having a movie Protestant-style wedding; my daughter was the radiant bride.

As she got to the front my enthusiasm got to me and I yelled out, “ten big ones!”  She gave a dazzling smile.

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