We’ve a lot to pass on.

First off, Elder Cook’s excellent talk to the BYU faculty. No full transcript available, link is to an article with the power quotes available. (ht: Momof6)

Second, Tom Stringham did a deep dive into what was really behind the BYU gay dating push. Extremely well done.

J. Max Wilson’s first hand account of what he experienced at BYU. My own experience at BYU with professors was bland. There were almost all very center-right/center-left and reasonably faithful in a slightly progressive-tinged way, but still reasonably faithful. Notable exceptions in the English department. They were not used to conservative firebrands like yours truly–most BYU students are very, very pacific–and the reactions I got were either amused tolerance or horror. But there was nothing malicious in the horror and no one every came after me personally because of it; this was before cancel culture. On the other hand, a close female relative had a shocking experience of organized vituperation and threats from professors because she objected in class to lectures celebrating literature about mutual homosexual masturbation. That was not long after my own time.

JG Friend and BYU Professor John Gee wrote a book called Saving Faith which had a paragraph or two citing studies that adult homosexuality is statistically somewhat correlated with being abused as children. The Godbeites at ByCommonConsent went livid and now both BYU and Deseret Book have pulled the book. Still available here, if you would like to support a faithful scholar. Little known fact– the JG is an anagram for John Gee May Intrude.

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