Honesty is the first step to repentance.  “The wicked take the truth to be hard,”  naturally.  Because if they stopped resisting the truth, they would be several big steps down the road to no longer being wicked.

Is honesty to others too?  Maybe.  Social peace is a great good, but so is growth.  It depends on some judgment of how able the person is to take it.  Also true if you are addressing a group.

As American society grows psychologically more fragile and prone to mental illness due to bad diet /polluted environment/whatever it is that is making Americans physically  sicker; due to bad governance and a media environment that promote individual isolation and unhappiness; due to the fructifying of the partisanship structurally inherent in democracy; due to mutational load; due to broken homes; due to dysgenic birth rate differentials; due to smaller families leading to more isolation; due to the decline in social trust that comes with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society; and due to declining average IQ, the apostles are less able to be honest with us.  Not that they lie, but they can’t be pointed.

Sin needs to be fixed, but sin reduces the capacity to hear and to fix.

Throw in that the average IQ and capability of the membership has dropped a whole bunch, that the  Church is now full of people from radically different cultures and areas, and that all communication now is inherently global, and you have a recipe for the Apostles very much being cautious and focusing on the basics.

You must think.   You must develop on your own.  The stuff we get told over and over and over about the  Holy Ghost, that is not for decoration.

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