The atonement is over.  Easter happened long ago.

We talk as if the Atonement were still happening.  It is true the atonement is still being applied.  It is true that we are still working through the effects of the atonement on our lives.

But the atonement is already there.  It is finished.

We need faith that we can draw on the atonement.  But we do not need faith that the atonement can address our problems.  The atonement has already addressed our problems.  It has already addressed each one of them.

Christ already confronted and overcame each one of your sins.  He already conquered all your trials.  He endured and mastered all your pains.  Each and every one of your weaknesses he has made as chaff and blown away.  He was resurrected on the third day.  The victory is won.

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