We ate after the last session of general conference, had our roast, cleaned up, and then we played a game.  It was a game we have just invented.

Everyone takes a piece of paper and writes a wish on it.  The kind of wish that someone might ask of a genie.

Then each paper gets passed to the next person, who reads the wish and then writes a twist or a consequence that the genie adds to the wish.

For example my daughter the swimmer wrote the wish to be a world-class swimmer without having to practice so long every day.  My son wrote “but you don’t know it.”

Then they fold the paper so their answer can’t be seen and they pass it again.  The next person reads the wish and comes up with their own twist or consequence.  Folds so what they wrote is hidden, and passes it.  And so on, until the paper comes back to the original wish writer.  Then everyone unfolds and takes turns reading.


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