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What I am about to say is what happened.  This is a true account.

I went home sick from work on Friday.  Nothing sino-coronal.  A mild cold with fever but no anosmia and no coughing or shortness of breath to speak of.  I slept most of Saturday.  By Sunday afternoon I was still tired but on the mend.

Sunday evening we read the book of Enos.

I told the children that regular real prayer should be part of their lives.  But also occasional mighty prayer.  We talked about it for a bit.  I started thinking if I had a mighty prayer in a while.

By bedtime I was in a ‘physician, heal thyself’ kind of  mood.  I reflected that my prayers mostly occurred within the course of life I have come to view as right.  I hadn’t been seeking or listening to counsel that could include radical changes of course.

I took these reflections into my prayer that night.  Kneeling by my bedside, I talked it over with my Father.  Somehow in that prayer, I visualized my plans and goals as a big, aggressive purple arrow pointing various paths I could take into the twilight future.  I asked what direction He wanted me to go.  I was sincere but not to the Enos level–for comparison, I had Sunday night the same level of commitment and desire I had as a teenager when I prayed for an answer about the Book of Mormon and didn’t get one.  I knew that, but went ahead anyway on the principle that you have to start somewhere and should never stifle a righteous impulse.

So I prayed.  After I prayed I composed myself to listen.

Something happened immediately.    Whether from my own mind or from God I cannot say.  I think from God.

Here is what happened immediately.  The big purple arrow got even brighter and bigger and pointed straight down toward my mattress.  A voice scrolled across my  mental image in all caps.  The voice said GO TO BED.

So I did.

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