We had permission to bless the sacrament in our home.  It was very spiritual.  One of the most spiritual celebrations we have had.

The kids got excited and wanted to do a sacrament meeting with all the trimmings, so we did.

They made a program.


We may not have had the model social distancing meeting, since we had the missionaries with us, a sister I home teach, an investigator, and new convert who just showed up.

It was sacred and intimate.  There were those little coincidences that are not coincidences.  I had the impression right before the meeting to set out an extra cup.  I thought there was no sense to it, because we knew exactly how many people were coming.  Did it anyway.  Then the new convert just showed up.  The new convert remarked that doing the sacrament in a living room felt a lot like being back in Joseph Smith’s times.  He didn’t know that most of the music and talks were on Joseph Smith.

Afterwards we watched President Nelson’s message.  The poor man looks tired.

I and the new convert went to another family to bless the sacrament for them.

This evening I read JM’s experience and was touched by it and by the experiences in the comments.

This was a very good thing for us.  The wide distribution of the priesthood is a strength of the Saints.

P.S.  A neat article from Ghana about their own experience during a meeting shut down.

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