While the BYU Honor Code Office is fiddling with deck chairs on the Titanic . . . .


Diversey Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate (2-pack) from Amazon was the best combination of  proven viricide, reasonable dwell times, and price.

PureGreen24 is even better, but more expensive.

Paracetic acid also works, and can be made from 3% hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar.

Pool Shock is a cheap way to stock up on bleach.

Not a bad time to do an inventory of your food supplies. Bulk beans and rice are the cheapest way to give yourself a quick buffer. For people who are space or budget constrained, don’t do much that you aren’t willing to use in your regular meals.

Look at the sorts of things you normally use and lay in some extra. Enough for a quarantine or supply chain disruption.

You can still buy surgical masks if you are willing to pay. I don’t know if worth it. Suggestions welcome. Ordinary dust masks won’t filter viruses but will filter droplets and will keep you from spreading. Cheap disposable gloves are a good idea.

Electricity and water probably aren’t a concern, but there is never a bad time to get a solar laptop charger or phone charger or radio. Plans and supplies for a solar oven are cheap and should be on hand.  Know the proportions for making a water disinfectant from your Pool Shock.

Be willing to self quarantine. Don’t expect the government to function for you.



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