BYU-Pathway Worldwide is disrupting higher education by offering a full private college education for less than $8,760. Compare that with the average private school degree of over $180,000 or a public school degree of over $80,000.

With over 45,000 students, BYU-Pathway Worldwide now has more students than any university in Utah.

What is BYU-Pathway Worldwide?

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is a low-cost, one-year educational program for students who would like to pursue higher education or improve their employment opportunities, but need additional academic or vocational education. Students take courses online, but with a unique twist—they also meet once a week in small groups.

After students complete the one-year program, they can automatically be admitted to BYU-Idaho on campus at the typical cost or continue online at a reduced price. Students can get online certificates to improve their current employment while pursuing a degree.

How does BYU-Pathway’s enrollment of 45,000 student compare with other colleges in Utah?

  • BYU-Pathway Worldwide: 45,000 students
  • Utah Valley University: 39,931 students
  • BYU-Provo: 33,633 students
  • University of Utah: 32,994 students
  • Utah State University: 27,932 students

How does BYU-Pathway’s $8,760 cost for a bachelor’s degree compare with the average cost of a bachelor’s degree in the US?

  • $83,080 for in-state students at public schools
  • $145,680 for out-of-state students at public schools
  • $187,880 for private colleges (BYU-Provo is $100,344 for LDS students)

Note that BYU-Pathway tuition prices are far lower in other countries.

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