Mars satellites show remains of massive tsunamis that ravaged Red Planet â?¢ The Register


I was at a ward in the subdivisions.  It was full, there were plenty of youth.  I realized this is why most members don’t seem to get the urgency.  I’ve been wondering.  Now I get it.

We like living in old houses and rural areas.  Consequently, we’ve lived most of our lives in the weak congregations.

And the larger picture, our society, even some of the trends among the members, is grim.

But maybe you don’t see if you are in the middle of this one little stretch of health.

Sure, the sea is receding a bit off in the distance, and its strange.  Someone should look into that.  But there is no cause for alarm.  There will be no tsunami.  The beach here is quite dry and has been since we showed up.

As long as they are locked-into a vigorous, active, young congregation; they can live in a bubble of people who are both Christian and nice – but the cultural antagonism and hostility continually gets worse for them.

-thus Bruce Charlton

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