From commenter Mark A. Clifford

 This week for home church we read (and you probably did, too) Acts 1-5. This was incredibly edifying mostly because of how consistent it seemed with my regular experience; I realize that Alexander Campbell was trying to resurrect the lost Acts Church but he needn’t have bothered, the Saints are running one in a town near you.

Just this weekend we went to the Temple to see my about-to-go-to-Ghana son get his blessings, a new member of a little over a year went with us so she could be proxy for her mother (and I her father) in that same Endowment; watching my wife and my oldest son and said soon-to-be-missionary and her slip into the Celestial room was one of the spiritual highlights of my life;

We arrived home late (our Temple is in Anchorage, we are up-range); I had to arise early to get to a few hours of meetings-before-the-meetings; where I sat with wonderful and faithful people trying to sharpen up our faithfulness; Meanwhile my two oldest –fresh from the Temple – went for the first time to the YSA branch taking with them another new convert, a young man of 20 who is trying to summon the courage to leave his fast food job and his mildly supportive non-LDS parents, to go on a mission; the first testimony there just-so-happening-to-be offered by a newly returned Missionary who was in the exact same situation prior to making the courageous decision to serve, testifying that “God will take care of you!”: precisely fulfilling the spiritual need…

Meanwhile back at our Testimony Meeting, after the flurry of primary children had subsided, a year-and-a- half reactivated sister bore testimony of the miraculous conversion of her new husband, something that “never could have happened” who, incidentally, went for his own Endowment last weekend: “when he sat next to me in the Celestial room he said three things: one, who could ever doubt this? Two, it was better than you told me. And three: my spiritual eyes are opened and I know that in the flesh I can see God.”

Then, after Church, got to meet with a family who have not been back to the Temple since their sealing 10 years ago, he had gone that morning to receive his Patriarchal Blessing, she is going to see the Stake President Thursday to get her Temple recommend signed. He remarked: “the Patriarch is certainly a powerful man of God”, this is the Gift of Revelation in action, right here in one tiny corner of Alaska.

Then tithing, then home to do Come Follow Me with a new member (our tithing settlements are not as showy as Acts 5);

Then 35 or so youth and their parents came over for a fireside on “Anxiety in Stressful Times” based on Elder Oak’s wonderful talk (; though I am a psychiatrist by trade I could not ever have said any of it better (and a lot of it much, much worse); he is brilliant and inspired; we had a good time;

This causing me to reflect that our Prophets are Prophets as certainly as was Peter.

Then we wrote emails to our missionary son in Honduras who is there preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for free.

Did I miss anything? Oh, God did not give anyone back their legs, but that might happen some other week, I wouldn’t put it past Him;

I think pretty much everyone should just go ahead and join up.

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