A BYU valedictorian at a commencement announces he is proud to be gay, is not broken, and gets enthusiastic applause. His BYU Dean’s office approved the speech in advance. In fact, they told him to ‘go for it.’ (Interesting fact: I am proud to be gay was Tim Cook’s formula when he came out).

“Coming out” as an act of bravery to much applause is an important ritual and one baptism into an identity, but it is not an LDS ritual nor an LDS identity. Only an unreconstructed bigot would say that you can’t serve both God and Mammon, that these identities are incompatible. But in an unfortunate coincidence, the prediction of the bigots that this grandstander’s social media is favorable to gay marriage and so forth turns out to be true.

There is something rotten at BYU.

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