I keep thinking about Easter.

Here is one thought. I don’t offer any warranties for it. It may be true. It may not. Don’t bet the farm.

It is a thought about this question: Why is Jesus called the Son of Man?

The answers that have already been given are perfectly sound (Joseph Smith’s, for example.)

But here is another.

Jesus atoned for our sins.

He atoned for our pains and sicknesses.

He atoned for our deaths.

He atoned for our trials and temptations.

He descended below them all.

I believe that in the Garden and then again on the Cross, He communed with the entire experience of each man, woman, and child. He overcame your sins and weaknesses by experiencing them Himself.

His atonement, death, and resurrection were the capstone of his ascension to full divinity. That was when He became who He was. Fully God and fully Man. So there is a mystical sense in which we, all of us, are collectively the father of Christ. He is the Son of Man. He is the Son of Mankind. He is what Man, in our fruit-eating and falling and prayers for relief, has made. We, who are spiritually begotten by Him.

It is that same mystic interpenetration of the Godhood, where the Son can also be the Father, and all are One.

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